Can foreigner legally own Condominium Property in Angeles City, Pampanga?

Can Foreigner Legally Own Condominium Property in Angeles City, Pampanga?

Foreign Ownership of Condominium Property in Angeles City, Pampanga with Sovereign Development


Angeles City in Pampanga, Philippines, boasts a rich history, a vibrant culture, and a growing urban landscape. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a piece of this dynamic city, you might be wondering if foreign nationals can legally own condominium property in Angeles City. The answer is affirmative, and with the guidance of Sovereign Development and the allure of the VOJO Urban Luxury Resort Condominium project, your dream of owning a condominium unit in Angeles City can come true.

Angeles City is a hub of activity and diversity. From its culinary delights to its historical sites, the city has much to offer. This appeal extends to the real estate market, where condominium living has become an attractive choice for both locals and foreigners alike.

Understanding Foreign Ownership

While owning land in the Philippines as a foreigner can be challenging, condominium ownership is a different story. Under the Condominium Act (Republic Act No. 4726), foreign nationals are legally allowed to own condominium units in the Philippines, subject to certain provisions. This legal avenue opens up opportunities for you to invest in the flourishing real estate market of Angeles City.


Here’s how it works:

With Sovereign Development’s guidance, you’ll explore the offerings and select the unit that resonates with your aspirations. Our team will assist you in understanding the legal requirements specific to Angeles City, Pampanga, and the Philippines. Every step, from legal formalities to securing permits, will be facilitated by our team.


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