Sovereign Development is a groundbreaking real estate development company based in Angeles City, Pampanga, specializing in the creation of unique hotel concepts under an innovative ‘condotel’ model.

We have been in the business many years and understand the intricacies of property transactions, whether you are a seller, buyer, landlord, or tenant. Our goal is to make the processes convenient for all parties involved. The team at Sovereign is determined and proactive and works for long-term projects providing greater benefits. We also have a vast network in the country that helps our clients build connections and get the jobs done with the best hands on deck.

The team is confident in its expertise, skills, capabilities, and knowledge. We also take pride in having first-hand experience in real estate, helping us on our journey of cutting-edge development projects. Our projects generate remarkable revenues and help the team gear towards providing valuable services to our clients.

VOJO Location Map -Sovereign Development

What We Do?

Sovereign is a full-service real estate development firm.

With a diverse and skilled international management team at the helm, we pride ourselves on being disruptors in the industry, pushing the boundaries of hospitality and real estate to deliver unparalleled value for our customers, investors, and communities. Our focus lies in designing and developing winning projects that seamlessly integrate unique design, technology, and sustainability, setting a new standard in the industry.

Our flagship project, VOJO, is a 162-room urban luxury resort situated in the heart of Angeles City, marking the beginning of an ambitious expansion plan throughout Southeast Asia. As the pioneers of the ‘condotel’ model, Sovereign Development allows you to invest in our visionary projects, ensuring you reap the rewards of owning a piece of our exceptional developments. Our expert management team takes care of every aspect of property management and operations, so you can enjoy a stable and passive income stream while we handle the rest. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine luxury and transform the real estate and hospitality landscapes across the region.

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How We Operate?

At Sovereign Development, our approach to business is guided by a steadfast commitment to our core values and a well-rounded management team.

We believe that by fostering an environment of open communication and integrity, we are able to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, investors, partners, and team members. This approach allows us to address challenges effectively, make informed decisions, and maintain the highest levels of trust and accountability across all aspects of our business.

 Our international management team, comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, is dedicated to incorporating the best practices from both eastern and western perspectives. This fusion of management styles enables us to create a harmonious and innovative work environment that drives our teams to excel and deliver exceptional results. By embracing our core values and leveraging our unique management approach, we ensure that Sovereign Development consistently operates with the highest standards of quality and professionalism, paving the way for sustainable growth and success in the ever-evolving real estate and hospitality industries.

Our Services

Sovereign takes a 360-degree approach to building multi-purpose, luxury properties in the Philippines.

We take on comprehensive real estate development projects to generate long-term investment returns.

The team at sovereign continually works to expand and innovate, while delivering the best solutions to the clients with premium services and impeccable outcomes.